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Clarity Software to improve your ENGLISH grammar, study skills, PRONUNCIATION, READING and much more

For an introduction by Dr Mike Freeman: click here. [YouTube video clip]

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CD ROMs to help with your grammar and study skills ... and use your English effectively!

Clarity software is now available as stand-alone CD ROMs or software for networks. In addition, many of the programmes are also available online as dedicated licences (on your server) or shared licences (on Clarity servers).

With a Dedicated Online Licence you can:

  • personalise the software to your requirements
  • use Author Plus to modify content
  • use Results Manager for student tracking


FOR CORPORATE LICENCES: available on request - please complete our online form and we'll send you a free quote

Tense Buster

- the best-selling grammar CD-ROM

Tense Buster is ideal for presenting grammar to your students in class, and practising it in the self-access centre or at home. You can choose the level most appropriate to your students, from Elementary all the way through to Advanced, and the free Authoring Kit enables you to add your own activities. Tense Buster is used extensively by The British Council worldwide (they've bought more than 3,000 licences), and the Ontario School Board has more than 10,000 individual licences running across the province.

Tense Buster Online

Key features:

  • Covers 33 key grammar areas comprehensively.
  • Available for networks or online: use Tense Buster in class, for homework or for self access.
  • Choose from International English and North American English versions.
  • Integrates with Results Manager, Author Plus and VLE / LMS.
  • A 'well thought-out, motivating and systematic' approach to grammar. IATEFL Newsletter.


Tense Buster: - Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced Levels:
Each level costs: 1 licence £45, 5 licences £90, 10 licences £155, 20 licences £225
Compilation of all 5 levels: 1 licence £180, 5 licences £355, 10 licences £615, 20 licences £895


If you are not sure, try the Tense Buster online demo

To order please complete a short on-line form


Mario Rinvolucri's exciting new language game

MindGame is a highly enjoyable, easy-to-use game designed by the world-famous author Mario Rinvolucri. Ideal in the classroom, the self-access centre, on the network or at home, MindGame is suitable for players aged eight to 80, who can play either against each other or against the computer. MindGame is extremely effective for learning finite language areas and, like many other Clarity programs, comes with a free Authoring Kit, which allows you to add games that are specifically designed for your own students.


Mind Game: - Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced Levels:
Each level costs: 1 licence £30, 5 licences £60, 10 licences £99, 20 licences £149
or Compilation of all 5 levels: 1 licence £115, 5 licences £235, 10 licences £410, 20 licences £590

To order please complete a short on-line form


Officially adopted worldwide by the British Council worldwide from April 2003.

Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Category: Study Skills, Exam Practice, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing
Product includes: CD-Rom for installation, Getting Started manual forResult Manager, Clarity Authoring Guide

From £85 for 1 licence (NETWORK/STAND ALONE)

STUDY SKILLS Success helps with listening, reading, writing, research, grammar, vocabulary - even speaking. The program is extremely interactive and some sample activities include:

•a listening exercise where students use their prediction skills to complete sentences
•the planning and writing of a timed discussion essay
•preparing for a speaking test where learners assess the performance of other candidates and practise giving a short talk
•going online to develop an evaluation checklist for authentic websites

Study Skills Success Online

Key features:

  • A comprehensive academic study skills program. Includes detailed work on web-based research.
  • Makes extensive use of authentic academic materials.
  • Adopted by more than 5 0 0 colleges, universities and schools.
  • Integrates with Results Manager, Author Plus and VLE / LMS. Ideal for classwork, homework and self access.


If you are not sure, try the Study Skills online demo

To order please complete a short on-line form

Active Reading

Key features:

  • A comprehensive reading program at six levels.
  • Extensive audio helps learners develop their chunking skills.
  • Includes authentic articles, extracts from novels, websites.
  • Helps students develop vocabulary strategies.
  • Develops reading into other skills areas.
  • Integrates with Results Manager, Author Plus and VLE / LMS.

The starting point for Active Reading is to present texts which are relevant, stimulating and lively. Topics range from advertisements for diets, to Internet posts on wireless gaming, to ecotourism. Text types include newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, emails, poems, recipes, stories and press releases. So there’s lots of variety, and topics to appeal to every learner.

Active Reading comes at six levels, and equips learners with the whole range of practical reading skills. Here are just five:

1 - Identifying your reason for reading
2 - Scanning for specific information
3 - Understanding inference
4 - Vocabulary strategies
5 - Using headings and topic sentences

All units develop from reading to a range of skills activities which includes discussion, listening comprehension and essay writing.

Active Reading integrates with Results Manager and is ideal for classwork or homework.


To order please complete a short on-line form.

If you are not sure, try the Active Reading online demo

Author Plus

Author Plus helps you design computer-based activities aimed at your students’ exact needs from £85.



for online authoring

To order please complete a short on-line form

Exercise Generator

Exercise Generator is for busy teachers who want to produce really professional-looking paper-based reading and vocabulary activities, tests, homework and exam practice material for their students from £30

To order please complete a short on-line form



British Council's Road to IELTS provides:

  • 120 hours of intensive work on vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • videos of the speaking test
  • the listening section includes timed academic and social listening activities
  • reading activities based on an impressive array of authentic texts
  • help to describe charts and tables;a wealth of these graphics and more than 70 exercises included

The number one objective of Road to IELTS is to prepare candidates for the exam. Not only are the extensive materials an invaluable resource, there are also detailed explanations of each question type and tips on how best to tackle the tasks. This means candidates are thoroughly prepared before they enter the examination hall.

To order please complete a short on-line form


Business Writing is aimed at intermediate to advanced level students who need to write business letters, emails and reports. The program includes ten units, each of which can be completed in under an hour, making it an excellent complement to a taught course. Topics include:

  • The writing process
  • Proofreading
  • Organising information
  • Successful emails
  • Writing clearly
  • Business reports
  • Linking ideas
  • A case study
  • Business letters
  • Reference

From £85 for 1 licence

If you are not sure, try the Business Writing online demo

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Product description:

Applying for a job in English is a daunting prospect for non-native speakers. It tests all the skills: reading the advertisement, writing the cover letter, and listening and speaking effectively in the interview. But while there’s no shortage of ICT materials for general English or exam preparation, the ESL job-seeker has been left pretty much on their own.

Until now, that is. It’s Your Job, takes a structured and analytical approach to the entire process of job-seeking, from deciding on your career all the way through to accepting a job offer and negotiating your salary. It does this by posing four key questions, and answering them through an eBook, interactive activities and interviews with employers.

1. What is the interviewer looking for?
In a series of video interviews, ten experienced recruiters from a range of sectors – IT, advertising, design, entertainment, education – talk in detail about what they expect from a candidate, how best to prepare for an interview, and how to shine when you get there.

2. What do I need to prepare?
An interactive eBook raises students’ awareness of the complexity of the job-seeking process, looking in detail at how to research the company you are applying to, how to analyse a job advertisement and anticipate interview questions, and how to perform in group discussions.

3. What are the pitfalls I need to avoid?
In the Story Point section of the program, learners listen to a series of anecdotes from other job-seekers. Some were successful, others made basic mistakes: each story has a message for the job applicant.

4. How can I develop my skills?
A series of 40 interactive activities enables learners to test their strategies and build their job-seeking and language skills. This includes responding to sample job adverts, answering interview questions in real time, and studying the style of a follow-up email.

Applying for a job in another language is a huge challenge. It’s Your Job sharpens the skills, calms the nerves and smooths the way to a job offer.


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Many other products are also available from Clarity:






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Prices excluding P&P and VAT.
All programs are Win 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista compatible and Y2K compliant


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