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InPage Urdu software for wordprocessing and desktop publishing

For an introduction by Dr Mike Freeman: click here. [YouTube video clip]

InPage Urdu Software: Personal, Educational and Pro

Please note that v3.5 has just been released and our new products and prices will appear shortly.

On this page: personal, educational and pro

InPage Personal

High quality Urdu software which works with Windows 3·1, 95/98, NT, 2000, XP and Windows 7.

InPage Urdu Software

Main features:

  • Superb quality Nastaliq TrueType font. 
  • 15 additional Naskh, Arabic and decorative fonts. 
  • Font sizes up to 1024pt and page sizes up to A2. 
  • Full mixing of Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Sindhi and English in the same document. 
  • Shading & colouring of text and background. 
  • Islamic calligraphic clip art such as Bismillah etc. 
  • Import of pictures in most common formats. 
  • Export Urdu text as graphics files. 
  • Automatic page numbering. 
  • All the usual word processing and page layout features such as centring, columns, borders, test wrap around pictures, styles, page break control, import & export of text, cut & paste, find & replace in Urdu & English, tables in any supported language.

InPage Personal 1.9Windows only, InPage personal
Single user: £199

(plus VAT and postage & packing)

Just fill in a short online form to order your copy

InPage Educational

(as InPage Personal + spelling checker)

InPage Educational 3.5Windows only, InPage educational
Single user:

InPage V 3.5 Educational Online version: £230


InPage V 3.5 Educational Physical version: £282

(plus VAT and postage & packing)

Please note:
The Online version is supplied electronically; can only be installed on a single machine and requires constant connection to the internet while operating InPage.
The Physical version is supplied with a DVD and USB dongle; can be installed on as many machines as needed (but only the machine with the dongle attached will work at any given time).
Manuals with both versions are electronic-only.

Just fill in a short online form to order your copy

InPage Professional

Excellent Urdu software. It has all the capability of InPage Personal plus many extra features for producing well designed documents and publications.

InPage Urdu Software: Pro

Extra features include:

  • Total of 36 fonts including Nastaliq in both Karachi and Lahori styles.
  • Rotation of text and pictures to any angle. 
  • Urdu spelling checkers and word count. 
  • Linking and unlinking of text frames. 
  • Support for Kashmiri, Pashto and Hazargi Languages. 
  • Support for CMYK colours. 
  • More border/line patterns. 
  • Multiple user-defined keyboards. 
  • Indexing and table of contents for English and Urdu text. 
  • Outline Text. 
  • Automatic kerning in Nastaliq text to give an improved calligraphy style to the text. 
  • Automatic kashida insertion for Arabic fonts. 
  • Sorting of Urdu and English text. 

InPage Professional 2.9Windows only, InPage pro
Single user: £395 each

Network: 5 to 9 users £210 each, 10 to 19 users £185 each, 20 to 49 users £150 each, 50 - 99 users £120 each

Non-network licence: 5 to 9 users £295 each, 10 to 19 users £265, each 20 to 49 users £210 each, 50 to 99 users £170 each

(plus VAT and postage & packing)

Just fill in a short online form to order your copy


N.B. all prices exclude VAT, postage & packing; technical support only available by email

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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