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Tests and examinations


Consultants from the Lingualearn network are able to offer a wide range of services related to tests and examinations:

  • design of tests and examinations
  • language screening of employees
  • invigilation of tests and examinations
  • training of raters
  • evaluation of language learning for individuals, groups, courses and schools
  • analysis of data from tests
  • interpretation of test results
  • establishing item banks

We can cater for various types of tests and instruments:

  • self-evaluation instruments
  • c-tests
  • telephone tests
  • e-mail tests
  • grammar tests
  • aptitude tests
  • proficiency scales
  • tailor-made tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • attainment tests
  • achievement tests
  • proficiency tests
  • reading, writing, listening & speaking tests
  • cloze tests

To take advantage of our consultancy services, please complete a short online form in the first instance.

Lingualearn language screening is available at almost any time and anywhere there are telephone and internet connections. We are aslo able to offer Bright Tests online only - these are fast and reliable tests of English, German,Spanish, French, Italian & Dutch.

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