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With the development of satellite television, it is now possible to receive television programmes in most of the main languages in any home, office, school or university.  Watching television is an excellent way of developing listening skills and learning about the target culture.  Most programmes are designed for native speakers of the target language, but some are made specifically for language learners.  The BBC makes a great range of programmes for language learning on BBC2 Learning Zone. and Channel 4 has an excellent range of resources for learning French, German and Spanish for students of 9 to 19 on it's Extra site.

For some ideas on improving your listening skills - click here

Yabla - Yabla immerses students in the foreign language of their choice using authentic television, music videos, drama and interviews. Their specially designed video player allows the viewer to slow the footage down to aid understanding and offers optional subtitles in a wide range of languages. Integrated dictionaries and listening games are also available.

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