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Listening to music is an entertaining activity which can help students learn the target language and culture.  Music and songs can be used in many different ways; here are a few ideas:

  • A little music in the target language can relax and motivate you  
  • It can help to create the right atmosphere for more "serious" learning
  • Students can study the lyrics of songs or try to write them down as they listen
  • You can also read lyrics out aloud, sing along to the music, or invent your own 
  • The lyrics of some songs could be the starting-point for a discussion or a piece of written work.
  • Learn a song by heart helps to memorise useful phrases, particularly songs with repetitive lyrics
  • Try translating the lyrics of a song into your mother tongue 

Whatever approach you adopt, the vast range of music available in most languages is a valuable resource for stimulating and enjoying the learning experience.

Here are a few useful links to different music companies:

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