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Translation of the Lingualearn brochure from Chinese into English using a reputable machine translation system:

Convenient on-line language culture service. The language wind provides the entire position for you the language service. It include the language curriculum translation, commercial language culture training, the multi- languages Internet, international is brief, the foreign movie, the compact disc and the related language study, selects and purchases the correlation data equipment and so on unique also the specialized suggestion. Tells us you the demand, we may use nine different languages at your service. The language wind is prepares for you... if you are one language study, how we do provide learn the language for you the suggestion long-distance language curriculum on-line language store correlation language commodity and the service if you are one language worker, we provide the employment information correlation language website correlation for you the language commodity and the service if you are one administrative personnel, we provide the language consultation clothing language Internet commercial culture training written translation and the interpretion various countries synopsis related language commodity for you and serve nine languages no matter what you choose the English French German Italian Spanish Russian Chinese Japanese Arabic our service object: Needs to involve the foreign land culture and the language exchange in in yours work and the life? If the answer is affirmative, then you are the object which we serves. We may face global the enterprise, the colleges and universities, the governmental agency and personally provide the nimble high grade service. Any related language question, regardless of the size, we all will let you obtain the satisfaction the answer. Perhaps you are preparing for construction one language center; Perhaps needs to design more than one languages interconnects the website; Also or only is must translate one simple material, please remembers the language wind nature superior moderate price the service, it are your correct choice. Our strong point: While provides the widespread language and the cultural product and service, we will put with emphasis on the long-dista nce teaching and the language consultation. Through the unimpeded network consultation system, we the accurate expert will suggest directly will deliver your in front of. By means of the telephone, the electronic mail, the long-distance teaching which the English special net will carry on, enterprise culture training, the various countries' synopsis and so on enables you all to be able to enjoy at any place to ours service. Not only that, in order to let our customer realize their particularity, we will provide one pair of one " quantity body tailor the " type service. All these, you all may through click our website: http:// www.lingualearn.co.uk but easily obtains. Why chooses the language wind: Through ours service, your each language demand all smooth will obtain satisfies. The language wind is one independent enterprise, has one experienced professional contingent. This means we may provide the fair reasonable specialization as the language service manager suggest, guarantees serves to you fully meets your concrete need also expense is inexpensive. Now relates with us! Please dials telephone +44 1273597169 About us: The language wind is the establishment operates privately the limited company to England's one. One crowd of respect industry also the experienced specialized outstanding person public figure composed company's core. They enliven to the language culture, international exchange, language product service and so on each domain. The language wind is one diverse specialized organization, from the consultation expert, the teacher, the translation, the material composes, the language researcher, to the superintendent, the information technology trains the expert and the business agent and so on spreads entire English and the European majority of countries. Product introduction: You may through ours commercial partner on-line purchase dictionary, the books, the game, the compact disc floppy disk, the on-line movie, the video tape and DVD and so on. We also provide the correlation suggestion, the arrangement large amount product purchase, like language material, software, language study equipment, and establishment and correlation website connection, like broadcasting station, television station, newspaper, magazine and so on. Our service: If you want to attempt our one pair of one " act according to circumstances the " type long-distance service, please fills in our on-line application form or tells us with the electronic mail way you the demand, we can relate in the shortest time with you. * On-line consultation and suggestion * The language center and the curriculum designs * Language monitor * Language curriculum * Written translation and interpretion * Multi- languages website * The various countries' character and style synopsis (may aim at complete family member) * Commercial culture training We also study to the language domain employment and the overseas provide the suggestion and the correlation website. Relates with us: Manager: Dr M. I. Freeman telephone: Facsimile: +44 (0) 1273 597169 electronic mail: Doctor Mike Freeman: mike@lingualearn.co.uk market: marketing@lingualearn.co.uk finance: finance@lingualearn.co.uk human affairs: personnel@lingualearn.co.uk information: info@lingualearn.co.uk

We suggest that you take great care when using machine translation tools!

For further details, why not call us now on +44 (0)1273 597169

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